+++ 2nd place WPC-Innovation-Award Europe / WPC-Congress Cologne, Germany +++ ECOLIFE® decorated at the most important environmental award show of Europe! +++

ECOLIFE<sup>®</sup> is a new generation of windows

ECOLIFE® – superceding wood-windows and PVC- and Aluminium-windows – is the 4th generation of windows: it is resource-efficient, energy-efficient, sustainable, premium-quality and is not only modern but contemporary!

The technological basis is a new material which has emerged since the turn of the millenium with high growth-rates worldwide: Wood-Plastic-Composite (WPC). It’s a versatile, environmental-friendly, composite of bio-fibres (e.g. wood) mixed with plastic.

ECOLIFE® now is the first market-ready, patented and certified WPC window-profile-system in the world which meets all complex technical requirements of a new age window.

Market launch of ECOLIFE® currently happens in China. With 19.5 billion € for windows each year and 14 million tons of window profiles, China also grows with 8-10% per year in this important segment (source: Freedonia Group Markt Research). After a successfull market entry in China, a world-wide roll-out is planned and global partners will be sourced.