+++ 2nd place WPC-Innovation-Award Europe / WPC-Congress Cologne, Germany +++ ECOLIFE® decorated at the most important environmental award show of Europe! +++

ECOLIFE® History

Kappes Environment Technology Co., Ltd. (KET) was founded in China by Mr. Jörg Kappes and his wife Gao Hong Kappes. After the idea for an eco-friendly window-profile, the feasability study in Germany and a profound market analysis in China, the couple decided to permanently establish their center of life in China and found KET.

In 2008 the patent was granted.

Today the Company consists of Mr. and Mrs. Kappes, 5 German shareholders,who are all strongly committed to the issue of environment protection. Their professional background goes from extrusion technology, recycling over waste management up to legal affairs and human ressources. Just the right combination to set up the company.

From 2008 to 2012 the prototype was developed in many steps together with well-known global industry leaders from Germany and Austria
(check: "Partner & Experts").

The breakthrough came 2012: The window-profile meets the high demands of the Ministery of Construction in China (comparable with german demands, but with some differences due to the need of building very high sky-scrapers and therefore higher wind loads). ECOLIFE®- is certified and registered for the chinese market. This was the trigger to found 3 Joint-Ventures with chinese business-partners and for substantial investments in 2 locations and 3 production sites to realise the start of production and the market entry in spring 2016.